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One playwright begins a script. They write ten minutes of a play, then hand it off to another. Like keeping a top spinning, each successive writer will send the script to another writer, then another, then another. The result will be a single play, written with one voice, more or less. This is Pastiche, the latest show by Whim Productions.

As the play opens, a woman and a busker are waiting for a much delayed train to Brooklyn. From a platform across the way, a man strikes up a conversation. They talk about Dylan, Kansas City, where they've been, and where they're going. The rest of the script is being written throughout April and May by successive playwrights. They only know what's happened before and where they'll take the story. Where it'll ultimately lead, no one knows.

Pastiche is being written by Kansas City playwrights including Emma CarterDiane Hightower, Alli JordanMichelle Tyrene Johnson, Prisca Jebet KendagorJames P. McNamaraVicki Vodrey, plus Whim Productions' Playwright-in-Residence Pete Bakely and Whim’s Founder Kevin King.