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Pete bakely's drunks remounted!

On March 16, we're remounting an extended version of Drunks by Playwright in Resident Pete Bakely. Last seen in the 2014 KC Fringe Festival, Drunks is an over-the-top play about the lengths people go to achieve success.

The set-up: An actress desperate for relevancy, an actor aching for an Oscar, and a screenwriter who just wants respect are sequestered in a hotel room until they agree on script changes for the film they’re making. To complicate matters, the actors have smuggled in huge amounts of booze and coke.

Previewing March 16, and opening Friday, March 17, Drunks will be on Stage 2 in MTH Theater in Crown Center.

Drunks features Rebecca Ralstin, as the actress fighting for legitimacy; Kyle Dyck, as the actor seeking gold; Curtis Smith, as the beleaguered screenwriter; and Emma Carter,as the precocious producer with rabid ambition. Katie Gilchrist helms the new production. Stage management is provided by Megan Kroeger.

For our next Bard on Booze outing, we present The Tempest!

A King and his court are shipwrecked on a mysterious island. They encounter a wizard, his daughter, and a weird servant. Will the King and his crew escape? Can love bloom between castaways and islanders? What’s up with that servant?

Find out 3/24 at 8 pm at The Buffalo Room!